Feeling real burned by Rachel Maddow. I got fished in. Hooked. She got me. Goddammit. She tweeted out that she had Trump’s tax returns and told everyone to tune in 9p EST. I’m on PST, so that meant it was on right after work. Fuck it, I’ll see what the scoop is. The scoop turned out to be a turd. A scoop of bullshit for my stupid waffle cone brain that fell for such an obvious ploy for my attention. I thought I was sufficiently cynical and dead inside to withstand the hucksterism of today’s “media,” but no, I’m just a dumb dumb who gets distracted by the shiny thing.

An entire half hour of Rachel Maddow’s bombshell show was her explaining to us why we want to see Trump’s tax return. WE ALREADY KNOW WHY, THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE!!!

Then this guy says he’s the one who got two pages of a 1040 from 2005, sent to him by mail, possibly by Trump himself. He goes on to mention that Trump’s done stuff like this before, also there was gold dust all over the pages, so that was also a clue.

This whole thing smells like a set-up. I bet it was Trump that mailed it out, because it was sent through snail mail like an old person would, and because he’s got the media wrapped around his finger. He snaps their finger and they all come running. He tosses them scraps of irrelevant info and they clamber over it like drunk bridesmaids over the bouquet. This is all because the media went whole-hog on becoming for-profit ventures, meaning the bottom line is the most important thing above things like the truth and protecting the public. Instead, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, all the fake news outlets are getting huge bumps in their numbers.

It’s the Trump Bump. Whether you hate him or not, it’s undeniable. Look at Megyn Kelly.

Is journalist.

Is journalist.

She got into it with him, got raked over the coals, ousted at Fox News, but then, she came over to NBC and is stacking cheddar. The media is a money hungry machine. It has no soul. It sold that long ago, when it decided making a buck was more important than Joe Public.

I used to think Rachel Maddow as one of the good ones, but I realize that that’s no different than thinking that about Glenn Beck, or any of these other charlatans posing as journalists. Say what you will about Alex Jones, but at least he’s entertaining and goes for it.

If the news is becoming pro wrestling, then let’s move out of the 70s era wrestling that was “realistic” and move onto the revealing itself for what it is- a song and dance to get your attention and money.