Leaks On Fleek

Leaking is where it's at these days. It's only the most popular and coolest way to get out things that other people don't want you to know. As privacy becomes more and more obsolete, leaks will become more and more powerful. 

Imagine if in the future we are able to project holograms over our faces so that we could look however we want. Most people will aim to be good looking, but if everyone becomes good looking, nobody's good looking. The perceived value of something is relative to other things of greater or lesser value. Nobody will care about looks, unless you happen to reveal your true face. Your true ugly-ass face. Maybe someone will leak it, ruining your career, humiliating your family... I mean what if you're like really ugly?!?!?

Some intrepid soul might decide that revealing her face is the real way to stand out, and she'd turn off her hologram on national TV. How brave, many people would say. How brave. But is she really? She just did something that other people don't like to do. It's very similar to how some people respond when I say I do comedy. They say, "That's so brave."

But it really isn't. I'm a leaker of my ridiculous innermost thoughts. "Brave" should be reserved for people who care for others.