Happy 240th, America!

America turned 240 this year and it’s time to reflect on the past and look to the future, while in the present we’re nursing our hangovers and indigestion as the the dazzling memories of the Chinese invention of fireworks fade away slowly. What would the Founding Fathers think? 



Most of them would be shocked, while I’m sure that a few would be even more shocked that we haven’t changed the Constitution at all. “Hey, we put in the Amendment thing for a reason, you guys should change a lot of this.” 

There’s a tendency to look backward and idealize the past as if the past were somehow perfect and we are a degradation from that state. But perfect, how? When there was slavery? When women had no rights? When people were being lynched and churches were bombed? When we were systematically cleansing the continent of natives and the buffalo they ate? It seemed like the return to perfection only applies to a certain few people that benefitted greatly whose descendants now have to bear the crushing weight of having to check their privilege. The sons and daughter pay the price for their parents, whether that’s the emotional cost of the past catching up with us or a nursing home.

So where are we America? What’s the deal? We seem to be real shooty. Why all the shooting? I mean we’ve only been at war for 13 years how could that possibly have an effect on the psyche of a country that has about 100 guns per person? OF course, we’ve been at war much longer, in fact it’s one of the last few things we’re good at!

Throw in the War on Drugs and we’re in a perpetual state of combat. How could that possibly affect people? Just because state allocated mental health resources have been cut to the bone since the Reagan years and gun sales have been crushing prof, as well as the effect of the continuous media cycle including the nitrous-like injection that comes from social media, what could possibly happen?

It’s already happening. We’ve have enough mass shootings to make a desk calendar featuring one a day. Not a bad way to capitalize and make some scratch off of mass murder. It’s so hot right now! And what could be more American than turning that frown upside down and mass producing for sale! What sweeter cake could our great country sup upon, but one made from the very bodies it requires broken in order to become the first among all nations?