A Word on the Recent Internet Controversies Surrounding the UCB Theater


This blog is geared towards disseminating information about The Chris Gethard Show and the world related to it. Fans of TCGS, please pardon me as I post something that’s more geared towards the NY comedy community in particular.

I haven’t been around the UCB Theater much in the past few months. I’ve largely gone on hiatus from improvising as I face burn out in a number of other projects and areas of life. That being said, I’ve been performing at the UCB Theater since I was 19 years old and consider it my home away from home. The UCB community is one I believe in strongly - so strongly, in fact, that I have opted continuously to stay in New York and take my chances on this coast rather then head to Los Angeles where I’m pretty confident I could clean up as a character actor who gets all the weird Clint Howard roles.

Recently, a controversy has brewed online coming from the stand up community. It largely revolves around this - shows an audience is charged for do not result in the performers being paid at the UCB Theater. Because I haven’t been around the theater much, I hadn’t really heard about all this online chatter. Last night, I read up on all of it. My opinions are below:

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