Nice ladies will help repeal prohibition.

Pauline Sabin was a New York socialite that spear-headed the movement to repeal the Prohibition Amendment to the Constitution because she felt it bred hypocrisy- 

The hypocrisy of politicians who would support resolutions for stricter enforcement and half an hour later be drinking cocktails disturbed her. The ineffectiveness of the law, the apparent decline of temperate drinking, and the growing prestige of bootleggers troubled her even more. Mothers, she explained, had believed that prohibition would eliminate the temptation of drinking from their children’s lives but found instead that “children are growing up with a total lack of respect for the Constitution and for the law.”

The battle for marijuana legalization needs to be led by women who are calling for rational reform and who also happen to mothers, teachers, etc. We need more nice ladies to be vocal and start throwing numbers and logic at us. 

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