open mic foray

like the blog description says - i’m an aspiring comedian. i’ve worked in film for the past nine years. i’ve gone to grad film school for five years and have made a bunch of shorts, most of them comedic. i’ve taken improv classes, and i even write jokes, but i can’t call myself a comedian until i get on stage and start doing stand-up. 

what’s funny is i don’t necessarily want to have a career in stand-up. i’m always going to want to make films, but films are expensive and writing is free. my main issue is that i don’t enjoy writing for writing’s sake, so stand-up feels like a way of getting immediate feedback about whether or not something i’ve written is funny.

fact is- this shit is terrifying. something about the immediacy and the fact that it’s just you up there, not a single other soul, to entertain the audience. and you will know if you’re bombing… you will know.

second fact -  when i typed “kid crying microphone” into google’s image search, here’s the second result -

i’ve decided it would be smart to check out a few open mikes before signing up myself. here are the one’s i’m looking at:

SuperEgo Comedy @NYCC - THURS
241 E. 24th Str
New York, NY
Near 2nd Ave
$5 and 1 drink minimum for 4.5 mins

Happy Hour - FRI
Broadway Comedy Club 
318 W. 53rd Str
New York, NY
Near 8th Ave
$1 plus 1 drink for 5 min

The Woodshed Open Mic - SAT
Legion Bar
790 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Near Graham Ave
4:30pm sign-up
5:00pm start
Free, 5 mins

i told myself i was going to sign up by the end of the year. fuck yeah.