scared money don't make money

the invisible hand of the market bitch-slapping the consumer.

I’m reading Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quiqley right now. At 1300+ pages it’s a bit of a slog, but what seems to be emerging is a view of the major wars and economic disasters of the last century as being influenced by secret societies formed by the richest and most powerful people around the world. Michael Chadwick spells it out in the preface- 

For the last two and one half centuries wealth and power have been concentrating in the hands of fewer and fewer men and women. This wealth is now being used to construct and maintain the World Empire that is in the last stages of development. The World Empire is partly visible and partly invisible today.

The chief architects of this new World Empire are planning another war—World War III—to eliminate any vestiges of political, economic or religious freedom from the face of the earth. They will then completely control the earth. and its natural resources. The people will be completely enslaved just as the people were in the ancient Roman Empire. While the above may sound like fiction, I can assure you that it is true. I wish it was fiction, but it is not, it is reality.

This is some terrifying shit. This book was also written in 1966, so some of Quigleys projections, i.e. regarding the Soviet Union, post-colonialism, etc., are a bit dated. If true however, I can only imagine the technological advancements our future overlords have made since then. They probably all have iPhone 5s already. 

Is this some conspiracy nut-job? If you look up Quigley, he was a highly respected historian and professor at Georgetown University. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the publication of the book, and I’m sure the rabbit hole goes very deep. But, if you’re a history buff, or you’re willing to read some scholarly observations on the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the few and their efforts to enslave most of us and precipitate the next Dark Age, this is the book for you!