090 Pacoiz n the Hood W/ Arthur Hamilton

Comedian Arthur Hamilton joins me to talk about his upcoming special at the Skiptown Playhouse and growing up in Pacoima, CA. Of course, I interject historical context to black and Asian relations and the residential segregation of Los Angeles. We have a great talk about some of our early comedy experiences and Arthur tells me about how he was a banker in Arizona until he was caught with weed.

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00:00 Intro- Trump, climate change, Thrones

03:00 Arthur Hamilton Intro

05:40 The collapse and preppers

07:20 Cinco De Mayo 

08:45 Pacoima, CA

09:20 Rodney King 

10:30 Going out during the riots 

11:10 Growing up in Pacoima

12:45 The Valley is hood

14:30 LA is segregated

17:15 Hip Hop evolution

19:00 Black people and kung fu

20:00 Bruce Lee and the Vietnam War 

22:15 Korean War and desegregation

24:00 Japanese, Russians, and Americans in Korea

26:30 The Homies Check in On Us

28:30 Trying to roll a blunt in my car

29:00 Identifying with older people

30:30 Ditching school

33:00 The Valley and gentrification

34:30 Arthur’s family origins

35:00 Black migration to California

37:00 Racism and history

38:00 liking white women 

39:00 Arthur’s start in comedy

44:00 Bombing in front of old black people*

45:30 Bombing is like female shunning

46:00 Arthur’s sisters trained him for comedy

47:00 Comedy comes from black women

48:10 Working at Chase Bank

50:15 Running scams at work

52:15 Weed charge in Arizona

57:15 Outro

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089 Democrats, Assemble!

There are more Democratic candidates than there are Avengers and beloved characters at Winterfell combined. So much is going on, but it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s fake anymore, especially when we’re in such a position of privilege to not worry about survival. Of course, we are all just one medical bill away from financial ruin in America, which makes it the best reality show of all- walking the tightrope between the haves and have-nothings. The Democrats have nothing to offer us except a spectacle that pales in comparison to the Avengers: Endgame and the upcoming Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones. The public relates more to these fictional characters because they hold more truth to their actions than the bullshitters in politics.

00:30 WGA vs ATA

02:00 Sri Lanka Attack*

03:15 Winterfell and Endgame are more real to me

05:45 Iron Man was about US war guilt*

07:45 Am I Ableist?*

10:10 War All The Time

11:00 War on Drugs is a War on Unity*

14:15 Why do we need this form of gov’t?

16:00 Democrats Assemble*

17:00 US Politics

20:00 Have-nots and have-nothings

22:00 fake real vs real fakes

25:00 Standup Show plug


#election #democrats #avengers #gameofthrones #demthrones # srilanka #ableism #poverty #healthcare #podcast #comedy

088 Virginia Is For Druggies w/ Steven Belkowski

Joining me on this episode is Steven Belkowski (@belswagski), a comic I met in the open mic scene in LA who is a traveler both physically and psychedelically. We talked about his experience as a military brat growing up in Indonesia as a right wing Catholic lad, similar to the Covington kids! He would have definitely rocked the MAGA hat to town some libs back in his day. However, moving to Virginia changed all that and once he saw how people struggled his heart began to grow like the Grinch, and he turned to the psychedelic realm to open his mind.

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00:00 Intro

00:30 Fuzzy Dave

04:30 Steven Belkowski

05:40 Mic Stand Comics

08:30 Newport News, Virginia

10:15 George Washington’s slaves

11:30 Military Brat

12:15 Right Wing Kid*

15:20 Culture Shock coming to America*

16:30 Too Motivational

18:00 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure*

18:50 Public School Brought Perspective

20:15 How Easy It Is To Become Homeless

23:30 The 27 Club

25:15 Fentanyl ODs

26:20 Opium Turned Out To Be Black Tar

27:20 Morphine at the Hospital

29:20 Drug Scene in Virginia

30:45 Triple Cs and Spice

32:20 Synthetic Cannabinoids

34:00 Dissociation

36:00 Out of Body Experience*

38:00 Two Bros Astrally Entering Each Other*

40:45 Belief in God

41:50 Legal Research Chemicals

43:30 Black Market Drugs

44:45 If Steven Had Alzheimer’s

46:15 Psych Major

47:20 Microdosing Psychedelics

48:15 Kids in Entertainment

50:45 Sensationalizing Pedophilia Enables More Pedophilia

54:00 Catholic Church

54:45 We Need To Talk Openly About Pedophilia

57:40 Train Kids to Spot Predators

59:30 The Suicide Squad of Pedophiles*

01:03:00 Outro

#virgina #drugs #psychedelics #lsd #NOS #dissociation #republican #MAGA #indonesia #psychology #brain #chemistry #comedy #podcast #hippy #bassnectar #religion #pedophiles

087 Molestery Industrial Complex

LA is a vampire. Plain and simple. It sucks the water from it’s neighbors in order to sustain a manufactured metropolis in the desert. And I’m ALL IN, BABY!!!

This week I am taking a stand for the children, especially child actors. They are the broken by-product of a billion dollar system that seems to exist purely for entertainment at best and an institutionalized safe-haven for pedophiles. The only thing is, it’s never going to happen. Kids will always be part of the entertainment industry, and they will be touched if not by some scumbag, then at least the darkness.

I take a look at the upcoming movie, Little, and I wonder why this movie was even made. It seems like a vehicle for rationalizing the sexualization of a child by making the plot about a middle-aged woman’s mind inside the body of a 13 year old. Yikes. Haven’t they been watching all the documentaries that have been coming out?

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00:45 Los Angeles is a vampire

03:00 Los Angeles is not real *

04:00 Understanding politics through the Avengers and Game of Thrones

05:20 Fake News *

07:20 Jaden Smith helped Flint, Obama drank the water *

11:00 Did Russia do it?

12:50 Pedos in Pop Culture

14:00 Corey Feldman *

15:45 Abolish Child Acting *

18:15 The First Molester

20:10 The Pope’s Ring *

21:30 Father Ryan

22:00 Parents of child actors

25:22 Soften the blow *

26:30 Little vs Big

32:00 Little seems like grooming behavior

34:00 It’s a problem

35:00 At best… at worst

37:00 Softening the blow

37:30 Go see Little *

39:45 Let them be kids *

40:45 Closing

#hollywood #metoo #pedophile #pizzagate #littlemovie #childacting #entertainment #church #jadensmith #russiagate #findingneverland #rkelly #coreyfeldman

086 Planet Blak and Yellow w/ Niles Abston

My guest this episode is comedian Niles Abston, who has an animated project he’s working on called, Planet Blak, a stoner sci-fi comedy about a young black man who’s been recruited to sell weed for aliens. We discussed how he was inspired by the harsh drug laws of his home state of Mississippi and then we have a great conversation about the War on Drugs, America’s history of war in Asia, Black and Korean relations, and how despite the differences between people, most of us are our here just struggling to survive. We are actually more unified than separate, sometimes. There are no real answers here, just two comics asking questions and making white people uncomfortable. 

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:20 Likes are Addictive

3:50 Living in an OK time

6:15 *START* Niles Abston 

6:30 watching Seinfeld

8:30 Planet Blak

10:00 America’s Drug War*

11:30 Obama Getting Away With Doing Drugs

14:00 Golden Age of Driving High* 

15:30 Stop and Frisk in NYC

17:00 Cops in Oklahoma

18:30 Every Native American Treaty Broken

20:30 Everybody Should Get Over It

21:25 Is Ignorance By Design?

22:35 American Exceptionalism

24:00 Korean War

25:00 Asian Immigration Restrictions

26:15 Japanese Internment

27:00 American War in the Philippines

30:00 Nuking was the Midpoint

30:50 First Desegregated Infantry was during the Korean War

31:45 Koreans Are Racist AF

34:25 Korean-Black Relations During 90s LA

36:20 Black Korea

38:35 Is Poverty Created?

40:30 Nipsey Hussle conspiracy

42:20 Dr. Sebi

43:30 Crabs in a Barrel

45:00 Lottery Winners Die A Lot

48:30 Goodness is Circumstantial

49:10 White People Dealing With Racism

50:00 Joining in on Asian Jokes

51:18 Being Mistaken for Another Asian Comic

52:15 Being Mistaken for a Black Guy *

53:30 Telling an Asian Friend To Wave In Public*

54:30 Making White Audiences Uncomfortable

56:00 Going To Private School In Mississippi

58:15 Separating People Into Groups

59:00 Asian Are Good At Math Because Of Abuse

01:00:00 Black Kids Need Comedy and Sports for Survival

01:01:00 Mississippi Ratifying the 13th in 2013/Shotgun Policy

01:03:00 Planet Blak and where to find Niles

01:06:25 Outro

01:07:45 El Mexican at the Garage Mic

085 Mueller, The Inventor, and Us

The Mueller report was dropped and, boy, is it a bombshell! What a failure of the news media to go after things that matter like the survival of the human race, and instead make such a huge deal about Russian collusion and then have nothing to show for it. The media has been failing us consistently since WMDs after 9/11 and continues to do so. You mean the folks that had a 99% degree of certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, got something wrong, yet again?

Anyway with all the talk of the future being female, why not the present? Instead of all this time and money on trying to nail Trump, how about learning more about female sexuality and especially the vagina. It’s unconscionable that we all know so very little about the place from whence we all came.

I give a quick spoiler-free rundown of The Inventor and Us. If you want to know more about what I thought of US, check out my IG Stories!

084 Two Straight Equals Death w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

I was in NY for a hot minute and had time to visit my pal Caleb where we have one of our regular chats about everything. Check out Caleb’s podcasts- We’re Going To Hell and The Caleb Barge Podcast.

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Show Notes

caleb's apt in bk, dmt, sunburned on acid, too homophobic to apply cancer, 01:25 two straights = death, are we gonna fall in love with each other?, spartans, women don't do that, they're not dumb women won't die, if women ran war, ronda rousey, good sportsmanship is the backbone of peace, guys know, 5:00 "sorry, bro," ying yang, patriarchy, oppression, women were dominated, women in power, griselda blanco, 8:00  women really run shit secretly, boys vs girls, dog genders, identify as a woman, alan turing, 12:45 smart people as alcoholics, the bell curve, caleb loves indian or asian dentists, i suck at math, the normal curve,  15:45 rick would rather die because everybody's dumb, nothing's gonna change without violent revolution, ausrotten, 18:00, control, grew up as a minority,  20:00 didn't do anything to be asian, kill creativity leads to tribalism, 21:00 macdougal st mofo!, no creativity, just saw artist, should you get money from the state, starving artists, 23:00 suicide leading cause of death among white men, liberals are hypocrites, 24:30 when did you realize you were white, black kids picking on, 27:00 malik, 28:00 refused to eat watermelon, 29:00 being an asian driver, 29:20 fried chicken, 30:30 watermelon is a natural viagra, 31:40 hard dick diet, 32:30 mediteranean diet is sexy,  33:30 sexy meal, what happens when a woman takes viagra, 34:00 take viagra and not be horny, depressed, 35:00 no sex leads to depression, addicted to love, love potions, 37:00 rape vs slavery, infatuation vs love, 40:00 garlic knots, 44:00 some people want to be fucked by dead people, savior complex, alcoholic girl, heroin girl, psychedelics helped me see, leeches, 48:00 empathy, 49:30 my dad lying about mom, 51:30 brutal liar, 52:30 chris kid, 54:00 feeling alone, 55:00 blue text bubble, joke- hannah dickinson, suicide, depression, 1:00:45 incels, 01:03:40 psychedelics and religion, 01:12:30 bad trips and music, 01:16:25 Jesus was white 

079 Blue Texts Matter

I was on a bit of a hiatus, had to get a job on top of being lazy, lots of noise in the world, marketing speak, George Carlin, rebrand, cricket, wickets, cricket bat, office jobs suck, MMMMcast, marketing speak, euphemisms, America is still great at marketing, change my name, Joe Rogan, Seth Rogen, mental health, propaganda's effect on mental health, XXXtentacion, blue texts matter, child slaves making our phones, tales from late capitalism, Kill Tony #315.


078 Shoutout To The Kids Making Our Phones

This is a lost episode I salvaged from the depths. These kids are dying to make our phones!

I talk about too much shit, too connected, technology, child slaves, thank you children, give them phones, Nike, sweat shops kids have grown up, we don't care, we could be making phones for the Chinese, things change, North Mexico, trying to follow the news, Khashogi, Saudi Arabia, Stalin, Russia, murdering journalist, are you ok with being murdered?, the death of journalism in the US, New York Times, William Randolph Hearst, yellow journalism, Chinese Exclusion Act, marijuana prohibition, DuPont, makes a black man look a white man in the eye, makes a white woman consider non-white men, and why not?, it makes people hang out together regardless of race and enjoy music, muckrakers, midterm elections, DNC has no strategy, Elizabeth Warren, one drop rule, money in politics, cancel democracy, Badger getting shut down by bitches, closeted Republicans, closeted people everywhere, get more Asian friends, victim blaming for the financial crisis, personal responsibility vs a corrupt system, if the UN got together to stop America's consumption and punished the people, responsibility onto the people instead of the power, socialize the losses, we need rails or we'll go off them, i'm the guy who needs to eat and i have to change?, people are important, botox is the deadliest poison but people use it to cheat death