048 New Year New Meme

Twelve days in and I finally address the new year! Let's start it off with The Cranberries, Ode to my Family, because I'm unemployed, or self-employed rather, and staying in an Air BnB in gorgeous Park La Brea, which is basically the immigrant middle class projects filled with cockroaches and immigrants!

It's 2017, dammit, and I've stayed off the radar. I recount watching Trump get elected at The Comedy Store and making eye contact with Joe Rogan, who I saw being a real good dude. He's definitely the reason I have a Vitamix. I feel I saw a glimpse of his true character, which I believe is revealed under adversity or when anonymous.

Son then there's Trump. Would the first woman president be just as big a liar as all the rest? I then go into a dank hole of pepe, kek, meme magic, /pol/, 4chan, army of darkness, internet culture, chaos, frogs, tribalism, and the lulz.

The final analysis- every single tribe is shitty and great. Look, we're all people. It doesn't matter if you're woke or red pilled, we're all gonna die. Entropy wins in the end. Even if we became immortal, the sun will swell and destroy theEarth.

We construct meaning as finite creatures, but we're selfish. What if we found out that Earth's existence was causing the deaths of two other planets, would we sacrifice ourselves for them? Is it cynical to think we're just self-interested monkeys? On the other hand, what do I know? What the fuck is dark energy and dark matter?

When I first left LA, I couldn't wait to get out of here. Now, this place ain't so bad. Winter in LA is adorable. We are lucky and in the sweet spot of civilization. Best contribution of 2016- 'member berries from South Park.