049 Steve Harvey Craves Asian Dick

Just look at him. You know he wants that dong from Hong Kong. He's definitely jerked it to Enter the Dragon while imagining Bruce Lee's hot yellow rod up his, SURVEY SAYS... ass. The survey says ass.

Steve Harvey underwent some controversy this past week by making jokes about dating Asian men, namely, that nobody wants to. Eddie Huang responded in suit and hey, he did a great job so that the rest of us don't have to struggle with articulating some shit we need to move past. If anything, I have to thank Steve Harvey for the title, which is the premise of a bit I'm going to be working out on stage for my upcoming show at Fubar in West Hollywood 1/27 8pm. It's going to be really gay, both the bit and the venue. 

I talk about Steve Harvey meeting Trump at Trump Tower, which has a very LOTR feel to it, no? I land briefly on Steve Harvey's comments, only to segue into a riff about asian masculinity. What is it? Is it Bruce Lee? Chances are for most of you, it's Bruce Lee. I challenge Steve Harvey to talk shit about Bruce Lee and see how far he gets!

We go deeper into the wormhole, take a pic of Metaphysics Gulch, and then I ponder the reality of my own existence... Am I just a cheap Asian facsimile of Joe Rogan? Could I ever live out my dreams of becoming Asian Joe Rogan? Would the UFC try to slip me in his place and try to pull the wool over everyone's eyes? Considering this week started off with MLK Day and ends with Trump's inauguration, I'd say that even though it sounds like bad writing, it's the good life!