069 United States of Baddies

The Gulag Archipelago has really got me thinking. Are we truly innocent until proven guilty when there are unjust laws in existence? Laws like NOT EATING CHICKEN BONES OFF THE COUNTER, BADGER, BAD BOY!! YOU ARE A BAD BOY AND I WILL PUT YOU IN BAD BOY PRISON!!! Apparently feeding raw chicken bones to dogs is fine, even good for them, but cooked bones can splinter and kill them. Wait, but maybe I'm the bad one? He's not the one who left the bones out, he's just a dog. Maybe I'm the bad one? Let's extrapolate that to our society at large... are we the bad guys?  Because if we were in Star Wars are we the Resistance or the First Order. What do either of those things mean anyway? Why did the Empire fall to the Republic only for it to fall to the First Order? It just seems a little too convenient. I look back at my stretch of THC freedom having broken my fast, and some of the observations I've made. Finally, I consider our role as the world's police as we send faceless robots to rain fire down on tribal societies, or even just our complicity in a cycle of death that is necessary and inherent in order for so many of us to live.