078 Shoutout To The Kids Making Our Phones

This is a lost episode I salvaged from the depths. These kids are dying to make our phones!

I talk about too much shit, too connected, technology, child slaves, thank you children, give them phones, Nike, sweat shops kids have grown up, we don't care, we could be making phones for the Chinese, things change, North Mexico, trying to follow the news, Khashogi, Saudi Arabia, Stalin, Russia, murdering journalist, are you ok with being murdered?, the death of journalism in the US, New York Times, William Randolph Hearst, yellow journalism, Chinese Exclusion Act, marijuana prohibition, DuPont, makes a black man look a white man in the eye, makes a white woman consider non-white men, and why not?, it makes people hang out together regardless of race and enjoy music, muckrakers, midterm elections, DNC has no strategy, Elizabeth Warren, one drop rule, money in politics, cancel democracy, Badger getting shut down by bitches, closeted Republicans, closeted people everywhere, get more Asian friends, victim blaming for the financial crisis, personal responsibility vs a corrupt system, if the UN got together to stop America's consumption and punished the people, responsibility onto the people instead of the power, socialize the losses, we need rails or we'll go off them, i'm the guy who needs to eat and i have to change?, people are important, botox is the deadliest poison but people use it to cheat death