084 Two Straight Equals Death w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

I was in NY for a hot minute and had time to visit my pal Caleb where we have one of our regular chats about everything. Check out Caleb’s podcasts- We’re Going To Hell and The Caleb Barge Podcast.

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Show Notes

caleb's apt in bk, dmt, sunburned on acid, too homophobic to apply cancer, 01:25 two straights = death, are we gonna fall in love with each other?, spartans, women don't do that, they're not dumb women won't die, if women ran war, ronda rousey, good sportsmanship is the backbone of peace, guys know, 5:00 "sorry, bro," ying yang, patriarchy, oppression, women were dominated, women in power, griselda blanco, 8:00  women really run shit secretly, boys vs girls, dog genders, identify as a woman, alan turing, 12:45 smart people as alcoholics, the bell curve, caleb loves indian or asian dentists, i suck at math, the normal curve,  15:45 rick would rather die because everybody's dumb, nothing's gonna change without violent revolution, ausrotten, 18:00, control, grew up as a minority,  20:00 didn't do anything to be asian, kill creativity leads to tribalism, 21:00 macdougal st mofo!, no creativity, just saw artist, should you get money from the state, starving artists, 23:00 suicide leading cause of death among white men, liberals are hypocrites, 24:30 when did you realize you were white, black kids picking on, 27:00 malik, 28:00 refused to eat watermelon, 29:00 being an asian driver, 29:20 fried chicken, 30:30 watermelon is a natural viagra, 31:40 hard dick diet, 32:30 mediteranean diet is sexy,  33:30 sexy meal, what happens when a woman takes viagra, 34:00 take viagra and not be horny, depressed, 35:00 no sex leads to depression, addicted to love, love potions, 37:00 rape vs slavery, infatuation vs love, 40:00 garlic knots, 44:00 some people want to be fucked by dead people, savior complex, alcoholic girl, heroin girl, psychedelics helped me see, leeches, 48:00 empathy, 49:30 my dad lying about mom, 51:30 brutal liar, 52:30 chris kid, 54:00 feeling alone, 55:00 blue text bubble, joke- hannah dickinson, suicide, depression, 1:00:45 incels, 01:03:40 psychedelics and religion, 01:12:30 bad trips and music, 01:16:25 Jesus was white