085 Mueller, The Inventor, and Us

The Mueller report was dropped and, boy, is it a bombshell! What a failure of the news media to go after things that matter like the survival of the human race, and instead make such a huge deal about Russian collusion and then have nothing to show for it. The media has been failing us consistently since WMDs after 9/11 and continues to do so. You mean the folks that had a 99% degree of certainty that Hillary Clinton would win, got something wrong, yet again?

Anyway with all the talk of the future being female, why not the present? Instead of all this time and money on trying to nail Trump, how about learning more about female sexuality and especially the vagina. It’s unconscionable that we all know so very little about the place from whence we all came.

I give a quick spoiler-free rundown of The Inventor and Us. If you want to know more about what I thought of US, check out my IG Stories!