087 Molestery Industrial Complex

LA is a vampire. Plain and simple. It sucks the water from it’s neighbors in order to sustain a manufactured metropolis in the desert. And I’m ALL IN, BABY!!!

This week I am taking a stand for the children, especially child actors. They are the broken by-product of a billion dollar system that seems to exist purely for entertainment at best and an institutionalized safe-haven for pedophiles. The only thing is, it’s never going to happen. Kids will always be part of the entertainment industry, and they will be touched if not by some scumbag, then at least the darkness.

I take a look at the upcoming movie, Little, and I wonder why this movie was even made. It seems like a vehicle for rationalizing the sexualization of a child by making the plot about a middle-aged woman’s mind inside the body of a 13 year old. Yikes. Haven’t they been watching all the documentaries that have been coming out?

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00:45 Los Angeles is a vampire

03:00 Los Angeles is not real *

04:00 Understanding politics through the Avengers and Game of Thrones

05:20 Fake News *

07:20 Jaden Smith helped Flint, Obama drank the water *

11:00 Did Russia do it?

12:50 Pedos in Pop Culture

14:00 Corey Feldman *

15:45 Abolish Child Acting *

18:15 The First Molester

20:10 The Pope’s Ring *

21:30 Father Ryan

22:00 Parents of child actors

25:22 Soften the blow *

26:30 Little vs Big

32:00 Little seems like grooming behavior

34:00 It’s a problem

35:00 At best… at worst

37:00 Softening the blow

37:30 Go see Little *

39:45 Let them be kids *

40:45 Closing

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