088 Virginia Is For Druggies w/ Steven Belkowski

Joining me on this episode is Steven Belkowski (@belswagski), a comic I met in the open mic scene in LA who is a traveler both physically and psychedelically. We talked about his experience as a military brat growing up in Indonesia as a right wing Catholic lad, similar to the Covington kids! He would have definitely rocked the MAGA hat to town some libs back in his day. However, moving to Virginia changed all that and once he saw how people struggled his heart began to grow like the Grinch, and he turned to the psychedelic realm to open his mind.

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00:00 Intro

00:30 Fuzzy Dave

04:30 Steven Belkowski

05:40 Mic Stand Comics

08:30 Newport News, Virginia

10:15 George Washington’s slaves

11:30 Military Brat

12:15 Right Wing Kid*

15:20 Culture Shock coming to America*

16:30 Too Motivational

18:00 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure*

18:50 Public School Brought Perspective

20:15 How Easy It Is To Become Homeless

23:30 The 27 Club

25:15 Fentanyl ODs

26:20 Opium Turned Out To Be Black Tar

27:20 Morphine at the Hospital

29:20 Drug Scene in Virginia

30:45 Triple Cs and Spice

32:20 Synthetic Cannabinoids

34:00 Dissociation

36:00 Out of Body Experience*

38:00 Two Bros Astrally Entering Each Other*

40:45 Belief in God

41:50 Legal Research Chemicals

43:30 Black Market Drugs

44:45 If Steven Had Alzheimer’s

46:15 Psych Major

47:20 Microdosing Psychedelics

48:15 Kids in Entertainment

50:45 Sensationalizing Pedophilia Enables More Pedophilia

54:00 Catholic Church

54:45 We Need To Talk Openly About Pedophilia

57:40 Train Kids to Spot Predators

59:30 The Suicide Squad of Pedophiles*

01:03:00 Outro

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