089 Democrats, Assemble!

There are more Democratic candidates than there are Avengers and beloved characters at Winterfell combined. So much is going on, but it’s hard to see what’s real and what’s fake anymore, especially when we’re in such a position of privilege to not worry about survival. Of course, we are all just one medical bill away from financial ruin in America, which makes it the best reality show of all- walking the tightrope between the haves and have-nothings. The Democrats have nothing to offer us except a spectacle that pales in comparison to the Avengers: Endgame and the upcoming Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thrones. The public relates more to these fictional characters because they hold more truth to their actions than the bullshitters in politics.

00:30 WGA vs ATA

02:00 Sri Lanka Attack*

03:15 Winterfell and Endgame are more real to me

05:45 Iron Man was about US war guilt*

07:45 Am I Ableist?*

10:10 War All The Time

11:00 War on Drugs is a War on Unity*

14:15 Why do we need this form of gov’t?

16:00 Democrats Assemble*

17:00 US Politics

20:00 Have-nots and have-nothings

22:00 fake real vs real fakes

25:00 Standup Show plug


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