086 Planet Blak and Yellow w/ Niles Abston

My guest this episode is comedian Niles Abston, who has an animated project he’s working on called, Planet Blak, a stoner sci-fi comedy about a young black man who’s been recruited to sell weed for aliens. We discussed how he was inspired by the harsh drug laws of his home state of Mississippi and then we have a great conversation about the War on Drugs, America’s history of war in Asia, Black and Korean relations, and how despite the differences between people, most of us are our here just struggling to survive. We are actually more unified than separate, sometimes. There are no real answers here, just two comics asking questions and making white people uncomfortable. 

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Show Notes

0:00 Intro

1:20 Likes are Addictive

3:50 Living in an OK time

6:15 *START* Niles Abston 

6:30 watching Seinfeld

8:30 Planet Blak

10:00 America’s Drug War*

11:30 Obama Getting Away With Doing Drugs

14:00 Golden Age of Driving High* 

15:30 Stop and Frisk in NYC

17:00 Cops in Oklahoma

18:30 Every Native American Treaty Broken

20:30 Everybody Should Get Over It

21:25 Is Ignorance By Design?

22:35 American Exceptionalism

24:00 Korean War

25:00 Asian Immigration Restrictions

26:15 Japanese Internment

27:00 American War in the Philippines

30:00 Nuking was the Midpoint

30:50 First Desegregated Infantry was during the Korean War

31:45 Koreans Are Racist AF

34:25 Korean-Black Relations During 90s LA

36:20 Black Korea

38:35 Is Poverty Created?

40:30 Nipsey Hussle conspiracy

42:20 Dr. Sebi

43:30 Crabs in a Barrel

45:00 Lottery Winners Die A Lot

48:30 Goodness is Circumstantial

49:10 White People Dealing With Racism

50:00 Joining in on Asian Jokes

51:18 Being Mistaken for Another Asian Comic

52:15 Being Mistaken for a Black Guy *

53:30 Telling an Asian Friend To Wave In Public*

54:30 Making White Audiences Uncomfortable

56:00 Going To Private School In Mississippi

58:15 Separating People Into Groups

59:00 Asian Are Good At Math Because Of Abuse

01:00:00 Black Kids Need Comedy and Sports for Survival

01:01:00 Mississippi Ratifying the 13th in 2013/Shotgun Policy

01:03:00 Planet Blak and where to find Niles

01:06:25 Outro

01:07:45 El Mexican at the Garage Mic