090 Pacoiz n the Hood W/ Arthur Hamilton

Comedian Arthur Hamilton joins me to talk about his upcoming special at the Skiptown Playhouse and growing up in Pacoima, CA. Of course, I interject historical context to black and Asian relations and the residential segregation of Los Angeles. We have a great talk about some of our early comedy experiences and Arthur tells me about how he was a banker in Arizona until he was caught with weed.

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00:00 Intro- Trump, climate change, Thrones

03:00 Arthur Hamilton Intro

05:40 The collapse and preppers

07:20 Cinco De Mayo 

08:45 Pacoima, CA

09:20 Rodney King 

10:30 Going out during the riots 

11:10 Growing up in Pacoima

12:45 The Valley is hood

14:30 LA is segregated

17:15 Hip Hop evolution

19:00 Black people and kung fu

20:00 Bruce Lee and the Vietnam War 

22:15 Korean War and desegregation

24:00 Japanese, Russians, and Americans in Korea

26:30 The Homies Check in On Us

28:30 Trying to roll a blunt in my car

29:00 Identifying with older people

30:30 Ditching school

33:00 The Valley and gentrification

34:30 Arthur’s family origins

35:00 Black migration to California

37:00 Racism and history

38:00 liking white women 

39:00 Arthur’s start in comedy

44:00 Bombing in front of old black people*

45:30 Bombing is like female shunning

46:00 Arthur’s sisters trained him for comedy

47:00 Comedy comes from black women

48:10 Working at Chase Bank

50:15 Running scams at work

52:15 Weed charge in Arizona

57:15 Outro

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