050 Pussy Punch

We're a week into the Trump Administration and the Doomsday Clock has gotten two and a half minutes closer to midnight! Hooray for us! Now is the time to exercise the right to assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment before it get repealed, so I went to the Women's March in Downtown LA. I love protests and marches! Movements like labor, suffrage, and civil rights were all instrumental in making sure that I didn't end up the angriest waiter in America. What about punching Nazis? Does freedom of speech mean that you should not be punched for being a Nazi? Idealistically, yes. Realistically, no. 




039 If Pigs Had Right Wings

The rise of the right wing is evident with the stunning upset results of the referendum on Britain's membership in the EU. The right wing uses tactics based on the fear-centered lizard brain, and it's the same old song whether you're talking about the present climate, WWII, or even California during the Gold Rush. History has a linear path, and the roots of the current rise of fascist dialogue can be seen in the colonial mentality of post-WWI Britain and France. Some might even say that the refugee crisis are chickens coming home to roost. Chickens that date back to as fas a Alexander the Great. I wonder if Alexander the Great was into chicken wings.