047 Rogin's Election Guide to California

It's Election Day Eve and both sides are likening tomorrow's results as the harbinger of Armageddon, but that's soooo dramatic! Come on, you really think everything's going to change? Do you think the President has that much power? When was the last time a President delivered what the candidate version himself said just a year earlier? There's a lot of pillow talk that happens before someone's elected, but afterward, it's business as usual. Too bad that business is war. 

Marijuana legalization is on the the ballot in California and eight other states. Let's make the union green! The War on Drugs is a racist and authoritarian criminalization of black nationalists and anti-war protestors in the 70s.  We have a chance to make some real money in California and stop letting Colorado make us look bad. I mean Colorado is great, I love it, I love the people, the mountains, I really do, but it's the Khloe to our Kim. Let's be real. We can't keep sitting on the sidelines letting Khloe get all the press and all the cheddar! There is the off chance that the economy could crash because high people would be less susceptible to advertising, but we mustn't let the best become the enemy of tho good.





046 They Did Glenn Like Bruce Lee

Podcasts are crucial to the economic backbone of this country. If you took them away, productivity would plummet and you'd have to reintroduce whipping to get the numbers back in the black. I would say that the above is non sequitur but it's the first thing I said, so how can it be?

Glenn finally died after waiting seven months in between seasons of The Walking Dead. A lot of Asian guys are saying that they'll stop watching the show now that he's dead and to them I say, good riddance. Those guys would probably be the first to die in any apocalyptic scenario- zombie, robot, even weed. That's right during a weed apocalypse they'd be the first ones to ever die from marijuana, fucking up the numbers for the rest of us. You'd have to reintroduce whipping to get the numbers back in the black. OH MY GAD THAT'S A CALLBACK SON!!!

Anyway, we are all one. Enough with the stupid tribal shit. There isn't a lot of time, we need to adapt or die.   

045 Torrance Refinery Coyote Confidence

What a wonderful world we live in! I'm broadcasting from lovely Torrance, CA with my dog, Badger, amidst the controlled release of flammable fumes rendered harmless by plumes of fire. That doesn't worry me. I also saw a coyote in Torrance, right across the street from me, perhaps on his way for the day shift at the refinery. None of this bothers me! I'm a bit stressed about money, but beyond that, life is great! I'm in sunny LA, hitting mics, doing my thing, and getting by, what more do I need right now? Just your ear, dear listener, that makes it all worthwhile. 

044 Historical Relics w/ John Cha (@authorjcha), Flip Cuddy (dosan.org), and Han Kim (@inthekimchijar)

Never in my wildest dreams or deepest darkest nightmares did I ever think that I would be back in the Valley sitting in a room filled with Korean dudes, nor did I think that I would have a great time, but I did!

John Cha is an author who writes about the Korean and Korean-American experience, and was the first person to interview a high-ranked defector from North Korea. He was instrumental in breaking through the Ginseng Curtain, allowing the US to learn about North Korea's inner workings for the first time. For the record, I made up the term Ginseng Curtain. 

Flip Cuddy is the grandson of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho, a Korean independence activist and leader of the burgeoning Korean-American community in California. Flip is a surfer, carpenter, geographer, hydrologist, and many other things that you might think was total bullshit, but the dude is the real deal!

Han Kim, is a podcaster, my cousin, and a real righteous dude letting me and my dog crash at his place despite the fact that he has pet allergies! Do you hear me! He is compromising his immune system for me! I am forever indebted and grateful for his generosity, and his podcast, In The Kimchi Jar, which he puts out weekly with Flip. It will surely become a repository of knowledge and a great resource for people more interested in Korean-American History. 

We talk a great deal about history, Korean and otherwise, the nature of reality, climate change, the invention of LA kalbi, North Korea, whether Japan should be allowed to have nuclear weapons, and much more.  


043 Killing At A Precinct Near You w/ Tino Romero (@comediantino)

Tino Romero is an open mic institution in NYC. We sat in a park and talked about his experiences growing up Panamanian and black, his adventures in squatting following a Craigslist housing scam, a  racial roast battle controversy that spun out of control on social media, and his experiences growing up as a weed smoker in the 80s in NYC. Tino is a good dude and one of the first people who put me up. The mic he ran at Bar 82, will be spoken of at length many years from now during the documentary the make about us. 

042 Film Crusade w/ Johnny Zito (@SheKissesThorns)

I met with Johnny Zito in a Whole Foods at Union Square in NYC to talk about a bunch of stuff. We started off with bitcoin, the darknet, research chemicals, and my 1p-LSD adventure with Caleb. We talked about filmmaking, screenwriting, Johnny's misadventures hiring crew for his short film, weed in NYC during the 80s, and finally his band Crusade. All the music is from their album, Atrocities That May Have Been Committed.

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041 Afraid of the Future and Happy I don't Have Kids w/ Lisa Harmon (@LisaHarmonComic )

Lisa invited me over to her apartment in Queens that her mom bought for her because THAT'S WHAT PARENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO TO, DAD!! We had a great conversation starting with the happenings of Lisa's neighborhood of Woodside, Queens to the intricacies of the different levels of the Atkins Diet Then we discussed capitalism run amok, Steve Jobs, conflict minerals, the rise of totalitarianism, the Ottoman Empire, World War I, the Middle East, the Syrian refugee crisis, mass shootings, 1980s New York, CBGBs, the Armenian Genocide, Turkey, death, and you know what? JUST BE GAY.  


040 The Rockaway Beach Acid Test w/ Caleb Barge (@calebthoughts)

I went with Caleb to Rockaway Beach to spend the day in contemplation, which meant eating a tab, sitting on the beach, and becoming aware and completely fine with the inevitable heat death of the universe, or at least the sun. The same sun which burned me and Caleb despite our attempts at applying sunscreen on ourselves. We were too straight to even consider asking the other to put lotion on our backs. Now my back is peeling so much my DNA is probably going to be popping up in crime scenes all over the country. 

Despite the potential melanoma, Caleb and I had a great discussion as we overlooked the Atlantic. We discussed our nation's obesity problem, talked about hunting and fishing, our dads, the metaphorical titty milk that we all crave, gender relations, feminism, relationships, the Darwin Awards, the Drug War, drugs, and alcohol, which is also a drug, but for some reason gets its own category. Perhaps because it's awesome? 


039 If Pigs Had Right Wings

The rise of the right wing is evident with the stunning upset results of the referendum on Britain's membership in the EU. The right wing uses tactics based on the fear-centered lizard brain, and it's the same old song whether you're talking about the present climate, WWII, or even California during the Gold Rush. History has a linear path, and the roots of the current rise of fascist dialogue can be seen in the colonial mentality of post-WWI Britain and France. Some might even say that the refugee crisis are chickens coming home to roost. Chickens that date back to as fas a Alexander the Great. I wonder if Alexander the Great was into chicken wings.

038 You Can't Spell CLAZY Without LA

Guns! Manifest Destiny! Crazy people everywhere, and I'm going going back back to Cali Cali. I'm sure there will be no crazy people there at all. More science! Gravitational waves! Plus I talk about Stephen Hawking and he's kind of a dick, and then we bring it back to Earth with a little Taylor Swift, Kanye West beef as manufactured as Kim Kardashian's career.

037 P.A.R.M. (Possibly A Rambling Mess)

This episode is brought to you by Headspace! Give them your money! No wait, give me your money! Nah, it's ok, you keep it. That right there is why I am the worst businessman in the world. The shooting in Orlando is a bummer. So is the reaction that happens afterward in the media, social or otherwise. Maybe we can take solace in the fact that this is all a simulation, or that it's all too real, either way, what's the difference? The difference is YOU!!! Thanks so much for

036 Rogin Kim Is No One-Trick Pony

Content is king. That's what they say, and they mean it! So in the spirit of our sovereign ruler, here's another podcast!

What could I possibly be talking about? Well, I have an announcement about a new sponsor- Squarespace! Not really, or I guess, not at all. They don't sponsor me, I'm actually a customer of theirs and I highly recommend them! 

How about another podcast? Yes another one, because this one is so successful. It's about two subjects close to my heart- history and cannabis. 

Consider being registering with the National Bone Marrow Registry, your exquisite genes could save the life of a child with less luck of the draw!

I've been getting some great physical therapy from my friend Karl while he's serving his residency at iPT! Check him out while he's providing his services for only $5 for an hour of physical therapy. 

It's also possible that I may be having a slow-motion stroke that's been going on for the last few years because I may be slurring my words, it could also be THC induced paranoia. So paranoia or palsy, that's where I'm at.