073 Turning 40 Is The Steak Eating Moment In The Matrix

I debate a name change for the podcast, avoid the Bourdain and Spade suicides amidst a cacophony of squawking of media, politics, children get the worst of it, kids acting like adults are creepy, protected period of innocence, infant mortality at 50%, i don't have anyone to pull it out, happy i remembered, turning 40 50% of the way there, dealing with 0-20, senior citizen babies, openly cruel, the mask has come off, good/evil duality, grasping at narratives to make sense of reality, have i been so high that i know what i know what i'm talking about?, telling stories around the fire, caveman times, shadows on the wall, human evolution, hominid evolution, timescale, genetic bottleneck, hitchhiker's guide, microdosing, helping with cyclical depression, 40 is the steak eating moment in the matrix, xxxtentacion, when i was 19-20, push them east, riots, rooftop koreans, guys getting raped is still funny, will i die on that hill, no but i'll get raped on it, chemical merry-go-around, what did trump do, the border and the kids, white people calling cops on black people for existing, public shaming in restaurants, republicans eat a surprising amount of mexican food (and DNA), gambling on sadism, borders are just where armies got tired, i asked my elders about what they think of north korea and some of them say it's good and the others say it's commie propaganda, peace in our time or we'll all die from nuclear annihilation! 

072 Asians: Infinity War

It's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month? What does that mean? Where is Asia, who is Asia, WHY IS ASIA?!?! ...and will they ever stop fighting? Are we in the midst of Korean Reunification? Will it be as easy as Thanos Snappening his fingers and making half the Koreans disappear (hopefully, the bad half amitrite?)? Is this entire description going to be in questions? I could see that happening, but could the whole podcast be in the form of a question? There's only one way to find out?

071 Raised In A Barn Of Neglect

We're doing it live! Despite some imaginary sound issues, I powered through to rant about doing comedy in the Valley, neo-feudalism, archery as revenge against birds, and how I'M TIRED OF CURRENT EVENTS, but who am I to stop the tide pods of history? 

070 Lock Lobster

More Gulag Archipelago to kick us off into a brief aside about Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman, who you may not need me to remind you of, but let us consider the lobster, possibly for a bit too long. Then it's time to move onto the use of Asians as a sweet visual gag... I'm one to talk, I'm like a walking visual gag. And finally I top it off with an observation on the recentness of clean water and how everyone that ever lived in history before then was drunk.

069 United States of Baddies

The Gulag Archipelago has really got me thinking. Are we truly innocent until proven guilty when there are unjust laws in existence? Laws like NOT EATING CHICKEN BONES OFF THE COUNTER, BADGER, BAD BOY!! YOU ARE A BAD BOY AND I WILL PUT YOU IN BAD BOY PRISON!!! Apparently feeding raw chicken bones to dogs is fine, even good for them, but cooked bones can splinter and kill them. Wait, but maybe I'm the bad one? He's not the one who left the bones out, he's just a dog. Maybe I'm the bad one? Let's extrapolate that to our society at large... are we the bad guys?  Because if we were in Star Wars are we the Resistance or the First Order. What do either of those things mean anyway? Why did the Empire fall to the Republic only for it to fall to the First Order? It just seems a little too convenient. I look back at my stretch of THC freedom having broken my fast, and some of the observations I've made. Finally, I consider our role as the world's police as we send faceless robots to rain fire down on tribal societies, or even just our complicity in a cycle of death that is necessary and inherent in order for so many of us to live. 

068 The Content Creators of our Character

Is it appropriate to say Happy MLK Day? Would he be happy if he were alive today? How would he fare against the #MeToo movement? I'm reading The Gulag Archipelago, I talk about crypto currency, and I go off on whiny selfish weed smokers who are complaining about recreational weed taxes.

067 High-atus

Happy New Year?

I'm back! And also sober. Stone cold sober as a church mouse who works in a church that drug tests. I go over my trip to NYC, my trip in NYC, how Dave Chappelle inspired me to get back in the game, and how my dad is in the running for Father of the Year. 

066 Comedy Police Brutality

Free speech is under assault! Not just the ability to say things, but also the ability to question what we should and shouldn't say. Of course, I'm talking about my open mic adventures! This time, I'm banned from an open mic just for asking why we weren't allowed to tell dick jokes. Keep in mind, this was an ad hoc rule the host decided to tack on after someone's set. This type of thing is bad for comedy. Where else but an open mic can comedians risk being unfunny in order to find what's funny? Censorship ensures that those risks are always second-guessed and is comedy contraception cockblocking laughter.

065 Living The Dream

I love comedy. I'm talking a real love though, not an empty platitude on Valentine's Day candy. I'm talking about having to clean someone else's shit kind of love, which only seems to be appropriate with babies and animals, but here I am doing it for comedy. It's in the awkward moments where the fabric of social norms is whisked aside momentarily that I revel in. I recognize that perhaps I'm masochistic, but I've had enough therapy to realize that it's ok, it's totally appropriate in the context of standup comedy to ride that edge. Haha I sound like such a douchebag.  

064 United, We Do Nothing

What's it gonna take? For what, you ask? FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Mass shootings, climate change, corruption in our media, government, health care system... just the whole thing through and through stinks of for-profit short-term bloodsucking and not the long-term rational action needed to deal with some really important things. 

Meanwhile, there's good in this world, just because our media is run by "if it leads, it bleeds" parasites doesn't mean that's all there is to reality. Hug a loved one, and be grateful for what you have. 

063 Roasted By Our Own Dotard

Roasting has permeated geopolitics! Is there no end to the roastification of the planet? You got your carbon heating things up but you also have viscous verbal barbs being slung willy-nilly, with no thought to the consequences. Many people believe the moment Trump decided to be President was when Obama roasted him at the White House Press Correspondence Dinner. Now Trump is President and is roast battling Kim Jong Un at the UN, and KJU responds with the D-bomb that had everyone shitting themselves. Meanwhile, is this what's important? Maybe. At least it's more important than football.

061 You're Starting To Sound Like The Problem w/ John Rosenberg

John and I were at one point sleeping on a twin size mattress on the basement floor of a Berkeley co-op called, Le Chateau, back during what historians may later call "The Critical Period." This was the late 90s, and we were at the intersection of many possible futures, many of them surely death or insanity, but lo and behold, we're now middle aged men back in LA, living out our dreams. 

John is a playwright who's been putting on plays from his apartment in Culver City

We had a wide-ranging and silly conversation, just a couple of valley boys shooting the shit.


The Beatnuts- Rik's Joint

Vince Staples- BagBak

060 LA Needs Demoisturizing

It's been a while since I regaled you with tales from Roginia. I'm in between jobs and planes of existence. A brief trip though history, and we're in the present talking about the increase in humidity in LA. Not cool. The whole point was to get away from such things, but what can you do? Demoisturize LA! I talk about a workout plan I've decided to try and reminisce about the time I was the most hated creature in all of New York City- the hurt, able-bodied person taking forever to go down the stairs to the subway.

059 Impeach Fuzz

Apologies for the audio, I was talking into the mic like some kind of freak. I snuck away from my duties as a government agent in order to talk about the most important thing on my mind, my hair. We go from my hair to THE Hair to the Chief, and touch about how impeachment may be inevitable or just not happen, whatever! I like plants, by the way, one of my favorite plants is called the Wandering Jew, maybe because no matter how hard you try to kill it, it ends up running global finance!




058 North Korean Missile-stential Crisis

Lots of dong waggling going on in the Korean peninsula, and I waggle my own dong, my history dong, and explore the history of the Konflict between the two Koreas. I then surreptitiously slip in a discussion about stealthing and then onto a recent scientific discovery that allows us to sift ancient hominid DNA from cave floors. What does this all mean? Does it have to mean anything? Yes, but only because we're compelled too. I really have no answers! Anybody who says they do is automatically suspect.